Image dimensions for every mobile events app

What should the image dimensions for home images, ad banners, sponsors , icons and colors ?

webMOBI's guide will tell you about all you need about image dimensions for logos, widgets, icons and banner ads required to create an excellent event app which best suits all your events.

Web graphics info:
Web images should have the following features:
Pixels Per Inch (PPI): 72
Colour Profile: RGB
Size: 16 MB Maximum

Home screen panels:
Home screen panels (Widgets) are one of the essential features of every app. The home screen panels are the first thing your attendees can see when they upload your app so it should be attractive and engaging.

Below are the two different types of image panel sizes you can use and the recommended dimensions.

In the app, you can use a single row image with 720px * 240px     and double row images with 360px *240px dimensions.

Event app icon:
Customize your event apps with your own event app icons. Give a cohesive look while making your event branding.We recommend you to use an icon in .jpg or .png with dimensions 1024x1024 px.

Banner image:
Choose a subject-specific image that suits your event in a better way. You can use the banner image of dimensions 860px * 360px. 

Speaker profile:
We recommend using profile pictures of minimum size 256px * 256px across the website and mobile app.

Exhibitors and sponsors logo:
You can create any of your sponsor's or exhibitors logos which can have 240px * 180px (3 by 2) dimensions.

Banner ads:
Promote any of your advertisers using these banner ads which can appear in your app. Banner ads must be .jpg, .gif, or .png files and must have dimensions of  480px * 75px.


A great way to carry your branding throughout the app is to customize the app colors to reflect the colors in the logo. Choose the color picker to select the colors you want or the hex codes to find the perfect match.

Map Floor Images:

Floor Images  must be .jpg, .gif, or .png files and must have dimensions of 600px*600px

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