webMOBI uploading attendees with specific tracks

webMOBI uploading attendees with specific tracks

webMOBI enables you to upload attendees with track information. You can follow the below process to set the custom track for the attendees. 

Summary Steps

1. Attendee information with tracks

Download the Attendee excel template from the link below. This template has the additional field AgendaCategory where you can enter the track name. 

2.  Agenda information with tracks (category)

The track name has been defined in the agenda category section as below. The attendee will be auto-assigned the track when the same category is added in the attendee excel spreadsheet in the step 1 above. 

3. User name for each attendee (for login)

The user name will be combination of user id and first name. e.g. If the user id is 86 and first name is chad the user name will be chad86. 

Once the attendee excel and agenda excel has been updated please send it back to support@webmobi.com

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