webMOBI events app excel templates

webMOBI excel template for events

The excel based system is designed to provide complete end-to-end deployment of the events application via Excel spreadsheets. Currently, we have the following excel spreadsheet templates for the premium plan event application. For more information contact


  1. webMOBI-Agenda-Template.xls - This excel spreadsheet is for the agenda of the event.
  2. webMOBI-Attendees-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for uploading attendees information for the event
  3. webMOBI-Exhibitors-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the exhibitors listing for the mobile application
  4. webMOBI-Polling-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the polling questions for the event
  5. webMOBI-SocialMedia-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the social links for the mobile application
  6. webMOBI-Speakers-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the speakers listing for the mobile application
  7. webMOBI-Sponsors-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the sponsors listing for the mobile application
  8. webMOBI-Survey-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the survey questions for the event.
  9. webMOBI-Venue-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for Venue description including lat/long values and floor images.
  10. webMOBI-Video-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the Video information.
  11. webMOBI-Livepoll-Template.xlsx - This excel spreadsheet is for the Live Poll Information
  12. webMOBI-Registration-Template - This excel spreadsheet is for the registration 
  13. webMOBI-Notifications-Template - This excel spreadsheet is for the notification 
  14. webMOBI-Home-Screen-Template - This excel is to capture the home screen information

You can find the excel templates for all the features from the below attachment.


For uploading the excel spreadsheet please refer to the help documentation below.


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