webMOBI Container Application- Overview and To Access Public and Private Event

webMOBI Container Application- Overview and To Access Public and Private Event


webMOBI Mobile Container App is a perfect blend of power and design.

● Download the webMOBI app from the Play Store or App Store

● User can also connect using Facebook, Linkedin or using the email

On the container App home screen, you will be able to see different sections like:

1.My Events

This option allows you to see all the events which you have downloaded and clicking on a particular event will take you to the Home screen of that event.

2.Recommended event

This category shows all the recent events, and you will be able to check the current happening events so that it is easy for the user to discover the events.


The user can select a particular type from the list of categories like Trade shows, Schools, Community Centres, Film Festivals, Museums, Personal Events, Associations, Airports and National Park with respect to what they are looking for.


This section displays all the contacts.webMOBI allows you to create contacts automatically just by using business card scanner.


All the nearby events can be searched by date, distance, event types. Users will be able to see the events happening nearby within a specific radius.


This section shows the basic details like

1.My profile


3.Favorite Events




1.My profile

It displays the complete user profile which includes Name, email-id, company etc. It also allows you to sync with Linkedin. The user can log out by clicking the logout option at the top right-hand corner.


This section shows the top most popular events that are trending and you can choose a particular event which you want to download.

Check the entire event details like name, date, venue of any event just by clicking on more details tab option for that particular event. There is also an option to favorite the particular event.

3.Favorite Events

The User can make any event as his favorite event which will be displayed in this section.


If you have any queries and want to get in touch with our team, click on Contact Us and mention your query and send it.

The App info shows the information about webMOBI App.

To Access Public and Private Event

Public Event:

In search option, search for event application name and download the particular event.

NOTE: To search search public event you don't need to login or signup but you won’t be able to see attendee list and additional features added.

Private Event:

If the event is private, only the registered users can see the event app. Admin or event manager will set the password for the event as shown below.

To view private event user must be logged in with registered credentials

Download webMOBI application from App store -

iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/webmobi/id1133137092?mt=8

Download webMOBI application from Play store -

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webmobi.eventsapp

In home screen click on more and select login option

Enter registered credentials to login

Now, Click on key icon next to search option and enter passphrase (i.e private key which will be sent to you by admin or event manager at the time of registering particular user) to access private event.

Now you can see the private event application which can be downloaded and viewed.

Note 1: To view private event user must be logged in with registered credentials and search with passphrase(private key)

Note 2: Container/Discovery application registration and dashboard registration are different.

In the above picture, user can see search icon. Click on search icon and search for the public event application.

1. User can download the application from App Store or Play Store.

2. All the registered user can login using the registered email address and password provided by the organizer.

3. User who are not registered cannot access the application and they will see the message “Please Contact Event Organizer or Admin.”

4. Only after logging in registered users can access the Event Application.

When the user is not logged in, user cannot search private event with passphrase. After logging in with the credentials, user will be able to search private event using private key provided by organizers

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