Unit 1 - webMOBI getting started

Unit 1 - Sign up to webMOBI dashboard

Sign up to webMOBI Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Dashboard option at the top right corner on the webMOBI website Homepage, which will redirect you to the user login page.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up here!” option.
  3. Enter all the required fields and click on the Sign-Up button.
  4. The Admin will get the confirmation email on Successful Completion.
  5. Now you can log in to your dashboard with your login credentials.

Various Components on webMOBI Dashboard:

  1. Help:

    If you have any queries and want to get in touch with our team, click on Support Desk or click on the Online help to get a complete user guide and get started with the webMOBI Event management platform.

  2. Create a New App:

    Click on this button to create a new event.
  3. User Profile:

    Users can able to change their password on clicking the “Change Profile” under the Profile section.“Forget password?” option will help you to get the new password.
  4. Profile

  5. Account settings

  6. User can update First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email, and Change password

  7. Payments

  8. User can check event payment details like Plan, Price, Billing Info, Status and also has the option to upgrade the plan.

  9. Two Factor Authentication

    • The user has the option to enable two-factor authentication. Here they will scan the QR code using google authenticator scanner.
    • Once they scan the QR code, six-digit verification will be generated. This verification code changes every 30 seconds.
    • After enabling, when the user wants to log in to the dashboard, after entering the credentials it will ask for verification code which you will get it in the authentication scanner application.
    • Users can also generate the backup code through which they can log in.
  10. Event Name:
    Displays your event name, click on this option to access and manage the event.
  11. Select an Action
    Click on this option to Edit or Delete App
  12. Event Name
    On click of the event name, you will be redirected to the Admin panel. From Admin panel you can send push notifications, manage your attendee list, discern reports and in Admin settings you can add Event admin and Set Event access.
    Click on “Select an Action” and then click the edit option on a particular event from the events list in the dashboard will take you to that event home screen where you can edit and manage your entire event.
  1. Settings:
    Click on this option to change Banner image, App icon, Title and some other details also we can make the event private or public just by enabling the Private/Public button similarly you can enable/disable the force update option to show any changes in the dashboard directly in the event app without refreshing it.
  2. Left Panel:
    This Panel shows all the features of the application. Here you can edit and manage all the features which you want in your application.
  3. Add new feature to your Menu:
    Click on this button to add any new features to your app
  • Add a feature to the Home screen:
    If you want to show any feature on the Home screen of your event app, you can add through this button
  • System Requirements needed

    webMOBI is a cloud-based platform that runs in most of the web browsers. The things that you need are a compatible browser and an internet connection. webMOBI dashboard works best with Chrome and Safari.
    Let us look into few concepts of backend and front-end to help you get a complete overview of the entire webMOBI event management platform as well as the creation of the website, event app, registration and ticketing.


    The part of the software accessed by you, the registered user of webMOBI(i.e., the one creating the event app or website) is contemplated as the dashboard. For example, when you log in to webMOBI and manage an event, that’s from webMOBI's Dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed only by the dashboard registered users (Event organizers) and participants cannot access the dashboard.

    Website and mobile app:

    The participant can access the application and the website. This does not require any authentication; the user needs to log in or register to the event app or website to access it.

    Compatible browser for website:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 9 and above)

    Compatible devices for the app:

    • iOS
    • Android

    The dashboard features cannot be optimized on mobile devices but can be optimized on the Desktop and Laptop. The website and app are compatible with the mobiles and can be accessed from there.

    Compatible browsers for the Dashboard:

    • Google Chrome

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