webMOBI virtual events presentation

Speaker Instructions for Virtual Events - Points to remember for Virtual or Hybrid Event

Plan to  join 20-30 mins before the presentation and head to the help desk to check your camera and mic
  1. When it's time for your presentation, head to the Start session for the specific session in the agenda where you are presenting.
  2. Click "Play icon" at the middle of the presentation screen to start the session.
  3. You’ll need to give browser permission for webMOBI to use your camera and mic.
  4. You are now broadcasting if the event is already live.
  5. How to present slides - Click share and then go to specific tab to share the screen and move to the next presentation slide. 
  6. Practice to go through process of moving from the screen share to live session and back when presenting 
Issues / FAQ
  1. In case camera is not on then you need to restart the PC / Mac
  2. In case there is a corporate firewall or security policy, kindly have a backup laptop for presenting the slides / presentation.
  3. Have a buffer of 20-30 mins to test everything.
  4. Contact help desk by selecting discussion or one-to-one chat or phone call with the following representatives

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