RSVP and Campaign Template Setup requirements

RSVP and Campaign Template Setup requirements

To setup the RSVP and Campaign Template following information is required . 
  1. Banner Image (840px x 360px) and Logo (256 px x 256 px) - Attach as a zip file
  2. Theme / Branding Color code 
  3. Content Details 
  4. Fields to be captured 
The steps for setting up end-to-end deployment for the upcoming event will be 
  1. Attendee Template - The excel spreadsheet for sharing the RSVP information
  2. Send invitations to selected guests with confirmation option
  3. This will open up a landing page / RSVP page 
  4. Confirmation email will be sent out the guest once they confirm they plan to attend the event
  5. Download the microsite / mobile app to access all the information about the event
  1. Checkin and keep track of the attendees
  1. Export and check the status of the attendees real-time

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