How to upoad webMOBI agenda excel template and publish the event application

How to upoad webMOBI agenda excel template and publish the event application

Upload Agenda Sessions Through XLS

This article describes the process to upload the agenda session information through excel.

  1. In agenda click on “Upload XLS” option

2. In download template option we can download the template of XLS.


3. Please see the important points to consider while updating the information in the excel spreadsheet

  1. ID column should be in incremental order (1 2 3 ..)

  2. Topic can be alphanumeric.

  3. Category can be user defined.

  4. Date should be in the format (yyyy-mm-dd)

  5. Start time and End time should be in the format (hh:mma) i.e 08:30am or 12:00pm.

    1. Note: Start time and End time both are compulsory.

  6. Location can be user defined

  7. Speakers: Here speaker ID should be mentioned in the that particular column. For more than one speaker user can mention speaker Ids separated by comma (like: 2, 3).

Note: Mentioning speaker name will not be accepted.

Speaker IDs should be taken from the previously uploaded speaker template

Takeaway can be user defined. Note: Please do not edit column headers

After entering all the data click on Select file (New file) option in dashboard and upload the XLS sheet.

User will see a successful pop up message saying “Agenda details saved successfully”.


Now user can see all the data updated in agenda feature.

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