Audience Upload for Virtual, Hybrid or in-person event

Audience Upload for Virtual, Hybrid or in-person event

To manage the event attendees list, click on the “Event Attendees Engagement” module in the User Dashboard. Attendees can be added in two ways.

  • Adding Audience Manually
  • Adding Audience through XLS file

Adding Audience Manually:

  1. Click on the “Add Registered Users” button and fill all the required details.

  2. Mandatory Fields:

    • Email id
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company
  3. On click of “Add user” button pop up will ask, “Would you like to send an email to the user?”
  4. On click of the “Ok” button, attendees will receive an email and if they are the new user, they will receive a password.
  5. In this “Audience Page,” we will get the list of all the registered users who are registered through website and mobile application.

  1. You can update participants both manually and XLS file.
    1. Manually :
    2. XLS file :
  2. You can also send a campaign from here. first, click send campaign email to users
  3. You can create a campaign from here, first click on create a campaign, after that you can create a campaign from it. you can also send a campaign from here, first select the campaign, then click on Send and you can select Attendee and Send it, you can also select instant and schedule from here.
  5. You can export add or upload attendee using export attendee and you can also export checkin attendee

    1. Admin can also add a session to any attendee, you can only add a session to attendee through XLS file, first you download the XLS file, after that fill the agenda category column and upload it
    2. After updating the attendee successfully, click on the agenda and add the category that you want to see in the schedule, you can add category using
      • Manually
      • XLS File
    3. Save and publish after adding the agenda. Now you can see in your device